The competition

More than any other grape variety, Riesling reflects the unique nature of the terroir in which it is grown and bears the signature of the wine maker.

As a result, Riesling wines are distinctive ambassadors for their native regions. Aromatic and fruity on one site, delicate and mineral in another, the Riesling refuses to be pigeonholed. It is a grape variety that is synonymous with character and typicity more than any other. It is the unsung hero of viniculture. This diversity is what makes the ‘Best of Riesling’ competition so exciting. In 2021, it will be putting the finest Riesling wines from around the world under the microscope.
Showcase your masterpieces
The partnership between the two competitions ‘Best of Riesling’ and ‘ProRiesling Erzeugerpreis’ has been running since 2015 under the motto of ‘showcase your masterpieces’ – with tremendous success. In 2021, this project once again offers a platform that is open to Riesling growers from all the world’s growing regions and that enables clear communication, both for grower marketing initiatives and the press.
I cordially invite all the world’s Riesling growers, and importers, to bring their wines to what is probably the world’s largest Riesling competition.
Kind regards,
Dr. Volker Wissing
Minister for Economy, Transport, Agriculture and
Viticulture of the federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate