Tasting – judges – experts

As in previous years, the preliminary rounds will be held in all German wine-growing regions, enabling regional differences to be taken into account more effectively. In a second tasting round (revision tasting), all disputed wines* and the top 15% will be tasted again in order to determine the finalists for the ‘Best of Riesling’ and ‘ProRiesling Erzeugerpreis’ awards.


Category I: Riesling dry
(with moderate alcohol content)
Category II: Single Vineyard Riesling dry
(with moderate alcohol content)
Category III: Riesling dry
Category IV: Single Vineyard Riesling dry
Category V: Riesling medium dry/off dry
Category VI: Riesling sweet
Category VII: Riesling noble sweet
Category VIII: Riesling mature
(Vintage 2011 and older)


‘Best of Riesling’:

The top three entries will be recognised in each category. You also have a chance of being awarded medals based on your points (87 points and above). This points score can also be mentioned in marketing materials, as well as be included in the labelling as it has been gained in an officially recognised competition.

`Best of Riesling’, special awards:
Best Dry Steep Slope Riesling
Best Dry New World Riesling
Best Dry European Riesling
Best Dry Riesling in Food Retailers

‘ProRiesling Erzeugerpreis’
(German winegrowers only):
Riesling Grower of the Year (1st–3rd place)


Each wine must be submitted with a wine passport completed in full. You can find the wine passport at


The prominent certificates awarded to the winning wines provide you with strong support in terms of selling your products. If your wine achieves 87 points or more, we will present you with a certificate.

Aroma profile

Using the unique aroma chart from Meininger, you can explain the rating given to your wines in a way that will impress both pros and consumers alike.

International communication

The winners will be featured in all MEININGER publications. As a result, the entire target audience in terms of wine marketing – retailers, restaurants and consumers – is reached.

Winners online

1. Potential new customers every day thanks to publication on MEININGER ONLINE: the online portal for the wine and beverage sector. All wines with 87 points or more will be published here, along with a profile of their taste.

2. Publication in social networks.

* (differences of 8 points or more in the scores awarded by two judges)

Each wine must have a completed wine profile (product passport) form. 

Applications and matters regarding wine logistics are dealt with by MEININGER VERLAG GmbH.


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