Best of Riesling 2019

best of riesling
Thursday, 27. June 2019 - 13:30

Foto Credit: AdLumina/Ralf Ziegler

A total of 2,445 wines from 14 countries were entered in the world’s largest Riesling competition.

Once again, this year, the Best of Riesling proved to be a top-class event. Eight categories of Rieslings, ranging from dry to sweet, were evaluated in eight preliminary rounds of tasting. The best 500 wines were then tasted and evaluated by an international jury of experts in two final rounds, with 125 making it into the best of the best.

‘This year, we were once again highly impressed by the quality of the Rieslings submitted, which covered a wide range of styles even at such a high level. It was often a very close decision when it came to choosing the final winners,’ says Ilka Lindemann, editor-in-chief of Meiningers Weinwelt, in summary.

Alongside the winners of the eight categories, special awards are also given for ‘Best Dry Steep Slope Riesling’, ‘Best Dry European Riesling’ and ‘Best Dry Riesling in Food Retailers’.

The winners and the top 125 will be presented in the July issue of Meiningers Weinwelt. All award-winning Rieslings can be found here.