Mundus Vini - The grand international wine award


The International Wine Award was first held in 2001. Even at its debut, it registered 2.235 entries from all the major wine-growing regions in the world. And record participation in 2011 shows just how important the competition has meanwhile become in Germany. 6.000 wines were entered.


Mundus Vini Biofach - Der große Internationale Bio-Weinpreis


The MUNDUS VINI BIOFACH Grand International Organic Wine Award of MUNDUS VINI GmbH is an international competition held in Germany for organic wines from all wine-growing regions around the world. The aim of the competition is to promote wine quality and boost the sales of the wines and sparkling wines entered. An international jury delivers an independent, neutral and expert verdict on the wines, thereby guaranteeing that the competition is both fair and professional. This bestows a high level of recognition upon the medals awarded at MUNDUS VINI, the prize-winning wines and their producers.


International Spirits Award

Spirits have been distilled and drunk for centuries now and the occasions to do so are manifold. The choice of spirits is huge, ranging from clear schnapps through to fruit brandies and liqueurs. In many countries, spirits are an established part of a cultured lifestyle and have their place in retailers' ranges.


best of riesling

best of riesling

Riesling, more than any other varietal, reflects the unique character of its terroir. As such, Riesling wines are unmistakable ambassadors of their respective wine regions and anything but “global“ wines of undetermined origin. From one site, aromatic and fruity; from another, more delicate and mineral–Riesling defies being stereotyped. Indeed, Riesling is the epitome of character and authenticity. It is the uncrowned queen of white wine grapes. 


Meininger's International Craftbier Award

Meininger's International Craft Beer Award

Be there when we, for the seventh time now, embark on a quest for the best speciality beers from around the world. 



Meininger's International Craftbier AwardMeiningers Winetest

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