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Do you make extraordinary beers and follow an interesting Craft Beer concept? Then register now for the Meininger's International Craft Beer Award.

The rules

Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award from MEININGER VERLAG GmbH is held in Germany and is recognised as a prestigious international competition for beer specialities from all countries on Earth. The aim of the competition is to promote quality and boost the sales of the products entered. A panel of judges delivers an independent, neutral and expert verdict on the speciality beers, thereby guaranteeing that the competition is carried out earnestly and professionally. This bestows a high level of recognition upon the medals awarded at Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award, the award-winning products and their producers.
1 Admission of samples
Products from all over the globe are admitted, so long as they comply with the conditions of participation and the specified product categories. Fermented malt beverages with natural ingredients in accordance with the trade name ‘beer’ are admitted. Beer-based mixed beverages are specifically excluded from the competition in the sense that other
liquids such as lemonades or juices are added to the finished brewed beer. The products must be ready to be consumed and must be fit for immediate human consumption.
Samples which are not submitted by the respective deadline may be excluded from the competition.
2 Admitted categories, product categories
Information regarding classification and eligibility of the respective product categories can be found in the registration forms and must be applied correspondingly to the product entered.
3 Conditions for participating
Participation is restricted to products already filled into bottles or other containers suitable for use by consumers.
3.2 Each participant may enter as many products into the competition as they wish. The samples must comply with the regulations regarding manufacturing and labelling of the EU or respective non-EU member state.
3.3 A product can only be entered in the competition once; multiple registrations in different categories are not permitted.
3.4 To participate in the competition, 12 bottles (or 6 if the volume is more than 0.5 litres per bottle/can) should be provided per sample entered.
3.5 The products entered into the competition must have marketable labelling. Alternatively, a provisional label that includes all the information required in order to be marketed can be attached. This particularly applies to products that are not yet on the market, e.g. recipes that are still in development or test brews.
3.6 Only samples sent to the address of MEININGER VERLAG GmbH and for which carriage and customs duties have been paid shall be admitted.
3.7 MEININGER VERLAG GmbH reserves the right to pass on to the participant any taxes, customs duties or other charges, as well as any processing fees charged to it in connection with the products submitted.
3.8 A fully completed product pass with all the necessary information must be provided for each sample. The information on the product pass is binding for all publications, certificates and awards. If the information provided by the participant is not complete, MEININGER VERLAG GmbH retains the right not to confer any award on the product.
3.9 The organisers of Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award may exclude participants from taking part in the competition. There is no legal entitlement to participation.
4 Entry fees
An entry fee is levied for each sample entered. This covers the costs for processing the samples, travel and accommodation for the specialist judges, organisation of the competition, as well as the issue of awards and certificates by MEININGER VERLAG GmbH.
4.2 The entry fee is €165 (net) per sample entered.
4.3 Receipt of full payment of the entry fees is a prerequisite for participating in the competition.
4.4 By registering, participants undertake to pay the designated fee, regardless of whether they actually participate in the competition.
5 Tasting by the judges, awards
A professionally qualified panel of judges made up of brewers, beer sommeliers, retailers and members of the specialised press will taste the products entered into the competition in rounds of blind tastings. The speciality beers will be organised and evaluated according to their product category during tasting sessions. The thematically defined tastings take place in the middle of each month. The number of products to be given an award in the competition is limited to 25 per cent of the participating samples with the highest scores in their respective category. 
The awards given are:
5.1 Additional awards
– Craft Beer of the Year national / international
– Craft Brewer of the Year national / international
The best craft beer from each category may be given an additional award. If two samples in one category receive the same score, MEININGER VERLAG GmbH reserves the right to call upon a panel of master judges to taste the products again. In this way, only one speciality beer can be awarded per category. MEININGER VERLAG GmbH also reserves the right not to give an award in any given year. Award winners will receive a certificate and may incorporate a medal provided by MEININGER VERLAG GmbH into their label.
The brewery whose award-winning beers receive the highest average score will be awarded the title of Craft Brewer of the Year, provided that the brewery has submitted at least five award-winning beers to the competition.
6 Publication
The products that receive awards at Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award will be published as part of the awards ceremony. The winners will be announced in the following publications, among others: Meiningers Craft, FIZZZ, Getränke Zeitung, Meiningers Sommelier, Weinwirtschaft, Meininger’s Wine Business International and Meiningers Weinwelt of MEININGER VERLAG, Neustadt an der Weinstraße, as well as on the various Internet portals, including Meininger Online, which may be linked to the pages of the producers. Information on products that did not receive the minimum scores required to receive an award will not be published.
7 Use of awards and logos
Winners may use the awards received and logos of Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award on their labels and advertising. The terms of use titled ‘Guidelines for the use and advertisement of the medals and awards of Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award’ apply to the use of the awards and medals.
7.2 The terms of use titled ‘Guidelines for the use and advertisement of the medals and awards of Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award’ also apply to the use of the awards received in the decoration of the bottles.
8 Final provisions, acknowledgement of the terms and conditions of
the competition

With the dispatch of samples, the participant acknowledges the terms and conditions, as well as the evaluations of Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award. In the event of a dispute, the competent court of Neustadt an der Weinstraße will have jurisdiction.