International Spirit Award ISW 2016

Tuesday, 10. May 2016 - 12:45

Foto: Ralf Ziegler, AdLumina

23 spirits received the highest award Grand Gold

Studer & Co. AG Distillerie from Escholzmatt in Switzerland has been proclaimed “Producer of the Year 2016” at this year’s Meininger’s International Spirits Award (ISW). The jury recognized the company’s achievements in winning two Grand Gold medals, along with five Gold and two Silver medals. Another outstanding result was achieved by the Bremer Spirituosen Contor, which was awarded the title of “Importer of the Year 2016”, having gained five Grand Gold, 17 Gold and five Silver medals.

The jury also awarded Special Awards for individual products that achieved an outstanding result. The title of Spirit of the Year went to the dark rum Matusalem Gran Reserva 23, which was submitted to the competition by Schlumberger, the Meckenheim-based distributor. The winner of the Spirit Brand of the Year was the blended Scotch whiskey Johnnie Walker Black Label, from Diageo Germany in Hamburg.

Altogether, the jury of experts awarded 299 ISW medals, including 23 Grand Gold, 144 Gold and 132 Silver. The winning products come from a cross section of the world of spirits: while German products lead with 102 medals, they were followed by distillates from Italy (42), the United Kingdom (34) and France (31). Products from more unusual destinations such as Nicaragua and Taiwan were also to be found among the winners.