Meiningers International Spirits Award ISW 2018

Wednesday, 11. July 2018 - 9:00

Foto Credit: Ralf Ziegler adlumina

Spirits of the Year 2018 announced // 900 spirits from all over the world in the competition

At the 15th Meiningers International Spirits Award ISW 900 spirits were tasted concealed by the 60-member expert jury. 15 Grand Gold, 162 Gold and 122 Silver medals were awarded to the best spirits in the competition.

"Distiller of the Year 2018" is Distilleria Sibona, Italy, which has won a total of 1 Grand Gold, 8 Gold and 5 Silver Medals for its high-class grappa of various grape varieties and its liqueurs.

The award "Spirits Importer of the Year 2018" can once again be defended by the Bremer Spirituosen Contor this year. A total of 3 Grand Gold, 11 Gold and 7 Silver Medals have been awarded to the carefully selected assortment.

The Master Jury, consisting of the ISW board and the two Chairmen of the competition Bernhard Schäfer and Jürgen Deibel, reviewed the best spirits in each category after the competition and awards the special awards to outstanding products.

The "Spirit of the Year 2018" is the "Matusalem Gran Reserva 23" (via Schlumberger, Meckenheim), the "Whiskey of the year 2018 international" is the Indian single malt whiskey "Paul John Peated - Peated Select Cask" (via Bremer Spirituosen Contor, Bremen), "Korn of the year 2018" is "Der Kleine Lord N ° 04" of the distillery Ehringhausen, Werne.

The ongoing trend topic "Gin" is also found at this year's ISW. 120 gin varieties were tasted this year, the two best are the "Gin 1 & 9 40 °" from Pages Vedrenne, France ("Gin of the year 2018 international") and the "Windspiel Premium Dry Gin" from Windspiel Manufaktur, Daun ("Gin of the year 2018 national").

"The jurors and the board were impressed by the quality of the spirits submitted across all categories of spirits. If you were able to place yourself among the best spirits of the competition this year, you have left a considerable number of very good competitors behind as well," concludes Tasting Director Christian Wolf.

All results can be found on the following pages of MEININGER ONLINE.