Meiningers Weinwelt

MEINIGERS WEINWELT is a special-interest magazine for wine connoisseurs and new enthusiasts. The target group looks for information on the right wines, presented in a clear, unpretentious manner. MEININGERS WEINWELT offers exactly what wine lovers are looking for: addresses, prices, practical guides, and diverse tips relating to wine – all with a view to aiding purchase decisions. MEININGERS WEINWELT readers are given a well-rounded insight into the world of wines and valuable tips for buying them from specialist dealers, mail order retailers or directly from wine-growers. Needless to say, MEININGERS WEINWELT is by no means restricted to wines. Rather, it looks at it within a variety of different contexts – for example travel, gastronomy, connoisseur products and many other areas that are of interest and importance for the target group.

Readership: Readers value a high quality of life and belong to the high-consumption, quality-conscious and brand-oriented target group between the ages of 30 and 50.

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