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With the Meininger wine test (MW), the publishing house provides important orientation for the market which is also highly relevant for the end consumers and, at the same time, promotes fair competition amongst winemakers. Meininger’s wine test provides the framework for the evaluation and recognition of wines and also allows for the distinction of the evaluations achieved on the labels.

The aim of the wine test is to promote wine quality and boost the sales of the wines and sparkling wines entered. A panel of judges delivers an independent, neutral and expert verdict on the wines, thereby guaranteeing that the
wine test is carried out earnestly and professionally.

Admission of samples
All producers and distributors of wine, sparkling wine and semi-sparkling wine around the world are able to participate, provided that their products are approved for direct human consumption according to Annex VII, Part II, of Regulation (EU) No. 1308/2013 for wine. The participant is responsible for the suitability for consumption of their wine submitted and it is not incumbent upon MEININGER VERLAG GmbH to check the submitted wines for suitability for consumption in Germany.
The same product may participate in the competition multiple times. The lot numbers or official test numbers are decisive for the identity of the wines for renewed participation. Products from all international cultivation areas are admitted.

Admitted categories
Products from the following categories are admitted:
2.1 Still wines of all quality classes, grape varieties or cuvées and flavours
2.2 Sparkling wines of all quality classes, grape varieties or cuvées and flavours
2.3 Semi-sparkling wines of all quality levels, grape varieties or cuvées and flavours
2.4 Sweet wines

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