92105 Craft Beer Award May Tasting - Wheat Beer/ Kölsch/Altbier/ Summer- and Session Ales & Lager

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165,00 € (VAT excluded)
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Benefit from the new format of Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award
monthly thematic tastings with a strong visibility

With the new format of the monthly, topic-specific tastings, the Craft Beer Award strengthens its media presence in the long term, offers intensive editorial support in the specialist magazines of the Meininger Verlag as well as online formats with a high reach.

Allowed beer styles:

  • Alt / Altbier
  • Kölsch / Kölsch Style
  • Crystal Wheat Beer
  • Session Wheat Beer
  • Session Lager
  • Summer & Session Ales
  • Wheat Beer (amber)
  • Wheat Beer (dark)
  • Wheat Beer (pale)
  • Wheat (new Style)

Not allowed beer styles:

  • Wheat Bock (all styles) -> this tasting will take place in November
  • Smoke Beer -> this tasting will take place in October
  • barrel aged Beer -> this tasting will take place in November
  • non-alcoholic Wheat Beer-> this tasting will take place in April


An overview of all tasting topics 2021 can be found at

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